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0713, 2022 

"Sipping plum wine, never miss the king of plum wine: #梅酒王"


In the hot summer, have a cup of cool, sweet and fruity

When drinking plum wine, you must not miss the king of plum wine:#plum wine king

Guarantee recommended by the owner of the wine shop:#Old pine wine making plum wine king

Selected Plum King with large pulp:#Nan Gaomei

Using #no-filtering process to retain the flavor and aroma of the plum itself

Alcohol concentration 18%, mellow aroma, strong taste, but no irritating alcohol taste

Sweet and sour, sour and sweet, gorgeous taste, worthy of the king of plum wine!

Cold drinks and ice drinks in summer, feel the soft and happy taste wrapped in plum fragrance~~

King's recipe:

3 to 5 years cellaring#麦烧酱+ Showa 44#ancient wine(1969) + large grain ripe#Nan Gaomei

Suggested drinking method: Add ice and slow-melt cold drink

Origin: Oita Prefecture, Japan

Alcohol: 18%

#酒酒陈坊#老松酒制#梅酒王#fruit wine#日本酒#日本梅酒#老松酒制梅酒王

"Drunk driving is prohibited and excessive drinking is harmful to health."

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