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0617, 2022 

"[Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, what wine should I drink with rice dumplings?]"


[Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, what wine should I drink with rice dumplings? 】

Chinese traditional customs usually drink realgar wine on the Dragon Boat Festival to ward off evil spirits and insects. However, according to modern knowledge, realgar is an ore containing sulfur and arsenic, which will be oxidized to a highly toxic component arsenic trioxide (As2O3) after heating, and eating it may cause damage to the human body. Therefore, it is recommended not to drink realgar wine during the Dragon Boat Festival.

After the Dragon Boat Festival, it means that summer is really coming~~

The editor wants to eat zongzi with sweet and sour plum wine or grapefruit wine, which is refreshing and refreshing

Moreover, the drinking methods of plum wine and fruit wine (yuzu wine) are changeable. Let’s see what can be added to summer plum wine?

➊ Umeshu + ice cubes
Adding ice cubes can make the plum wine more mellow. The sky moon bottle ripe plum wine will not be too sweet. It is recommended to add 2~3 ice cubes is enough~~

➋ Plum wine + tea

Everyone must have heard of plum green tea, brew it yourself or buy your favorite green tea in the market,Add black tea and oolong tea, it is another fresh taste~~

➌ Plum wine + sparkling drink

In summer, you must have some refreshing bubbles, whether you add soda water, Sprite or Coke, it is super cool and refreshing~~

➍ Plum wine + beer

Let's have a cup of plum-flavored beer, the proportion is whatever you like~~

➎ Plum wine + lactic acid drink

Plum wine + lactic acid drink is definitely a safe brand, sour, sweet and delicious~~

➏ Plum wine + coffee

Have you heard of Teresa Teng's wine and coffee? (The editor revealed the age) In fact, you can also add coffee with plum wine, you can even have a cup of sparkling coffee with plum wine, you are your own bartender~~

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"Drunk driving is prohibited and excessive drinking is harmful to health."

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