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0531, 2022 

"Laosong Shuzo Sansui Junmai Daiginjo + "#黑心居酒屋""


【Good wine with good show #1】

Laosong Shuzo Sansui Junmai Daiginjo + "#Black Heart Izakaya"

The editor is here to share with you the movies and dramas related to wine, good wine paired with a good drama, so that the taste of wine and drama is more mellow and charming~~

on Netflix's#Black Heart Izakaya", tells the story of what happened in the "Black Heart Izakaya" jointly run by a pair of sisters, Meiyin and Xin, and the human feelings brought out by it. In addition to delicious food and wine, there is also warmth and warmth. (Known as the female version of "Late Night Canteen")

Mei Yin, who took over the izakaya left by her father and his father’s behest, often recalled the words of her father: “The wine we sell can be bought outside; Black Heart!" So the izakaya was named after "Black Heart". "If a customer sees this kind of store name and is not scared away, and is willing to walk in with Nuan Lian, he must be someone who can be a friend."

In fact, the price of Black Heart Izakaya is affordable, and most of the shop is full of regular customers. The izakaya has become a gathering place for nearby residents to feed their stomachs and heal their souls. Contrary to the name of the store, it is a heart-warming izakaya for everyone.

Before the end of the episode, as usual, we will review the wines that appear in the episode again, and introduce the place of origin, winery, taste, and recommended drinking methods. Next, we will teach the "#Black Heart Cuisine", so that the audience can easily and simply make delicious drinks at home. The editor followed the fourth episode to make "Houyangげの肉闻め", that is, fried tofu is stuffed with fried minced meat, and then baked in the oven until the skin of the fried tofu is crispy. It is really simple and delicious~~

Which one do you want to pursue recently? The editor recommends "#黑心居酒屋"+#老松酒制#Shanshui Pure Rice Daiginjo, an episode of about 24 minutes, a drink before going to bed with the show, wow, life is really wonderful~~


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"Drunk driving is prohibited and excessive drinking is harmful to health."

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